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FAQ - The Questions You Have;
               The Answers You Want... 

Questions We Hear About Getting Started:

Difference Between Superior and Others

What 3 Advantages
Attract Doctors The Most?

What Does It Cost to Begin?

What Can This Mean to a Practice?

Is There Anything Else
Similar to This?

Any Reason a Doctor
Isn't Interested?

How Much Revenue Can
Be Recaptured?

If Established Practice -
How Hard Is This?

What About Credentialing?

Is There A Long Term Contract?

Questions We Hear About Billing

What Are My Billing Options?

What Is Your Billing Horror Story?

What Makes Your
Billing StandOut?

How Long Does it
Take to Get Reimbursed?

Other Questions:

How Can You Help Physicians
Exiting Hospitals?

How Can You Help RN's
What Opportunities Are There?

What Is The Best Way
to Market This?

Once They Begin, What Do Most Doctors Have to Say?

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